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Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit

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Make a balloon garland like a pro!  Build your own balloon garland kit with the exact colors you want.  Our team will make sure that the color mixture is spot on and you will get a kit with everything you need to create the most amazing garland.   

The only DIY kits designed with the tools to make a balloon garland like a pro! 

Balloon Garland Kit Includes: 

  • Sizes ranging from 5"- 24"
  • Monofilament Line
  • Rubber Bands
  • Wall adhesives
  • All of our balloons are 100% biodegradable!

Additional materials needed: 

Electric Pump
Hand Pump 
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Make your balloons easier + faster by watching our video tutorials before you get started!

Want us to come install the garland for you? If you live in Washington State we will come and install the garland for you. (also not opposed to out of state installation - wink, wink!) Learn more now.



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