What We're About

Welcome to the new era of balloon artistry! We're not your grandma's balloon company. We thrive on pushing boundaries, seeing the world through a different lens, and transforming ordinary events into unforgettable experiences. While balloons are our passion, we're not bound by tradition – just take a peek at the mylar photobooth we whipped up!


How To Work With Us

  • Meta Community Week Installation in Seattle

    Custom Confete

    Here's where the magic happens! We're all about diving deep into your event vision. From the layout to the color scheme, and the ambiance you crave for your guests, we're here to provide creative direction and bring

    it all to life.

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  • Point Ruston Tacoma Balloon Installation, Mini Confete

    Mini Confete

    A streamlined installation process for more intimate parties that give you more bang for your buck.Choose from 3 sizes, select your color (we can help with that too), and we will create magic on-site.

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  • DIY Balloon Kits

    Make a balloon garland like a pro!No more balloon strips, tacky colors, and low-quality balloons. Get ready for a burst of fun with our premium color selections and expert guidance, all neatly packed into one fabulous kit!

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