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Luxury DIY Balloon Garland Kits & Tutorials

You'll be a pro in no time! 

Can we tell you a secret?  The balloon kits you're purchasing from large retailers actually make them harder to make!  Yep, that rights.  After 7 year's in the industry and hearing from clients "I tired to make one for a birthday and it turned out horrible and took forever."  We decided it was time to teach you how to make one like a pro! 

With our kits you can expect: 

  • Luxury + custom color combinations you will not find everywhere. 
  • The right tools to make it easier to create balloon garlands. 
  • Tutorials (see below) on how to make a balloon garland the right way, tips on hanging a garland and we walk you through different ways to layout the balloon colors. 

Here is a link to view & purchase our DIY Balloon Garland Kits plus you can check out our Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit to choose your own colors. 

IMPORTANT: Read before you get started making your garland. 

  1. Make sure you have balloon pumps. To cut the time in half we recommend using an electric pump. You will also need a hand pump for 5" double stuff balloons. Click here to purchase the recommend pumps.
  2. Some balloons are “double-stuffed” meaning there is one balloon inside of another. This is how we create stunning color combinations. Please do not pull them apart.
  3. When tying double- stuff balloons you only need to focus on tying the inside balloons together.
  4. Frays are okay :)
  5. Love the matte look? This happens naturally as the balloons oxidize. If installing inside blow up a few days in advance to start the process. If you’re short on time put it in direct sunlight for a few minutes.


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